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Rambhau Lingade Polytechnic College
Name of the Faculty
1 Mr. A.R. Rajput I/c PRINCIPAL B.E. Entc, M.Tec Appear
2 Mr. H.S. Deshpande I/c H.O.D. B.E. IT, M.E. (Appear)
3 Mr. S.P. Hingane Lecturer B.E. IT
4 Ms. S.D. Cheke Lecturer B.E. Computer
5 Mr. A.R. Sapkal Lecturer B.E. IT
6 Mr. R.D. Parekar Lecturer B.E. Computer
7 Mr. S.P. Raut Lecturer B.E. Computer
8 Ms. A.P. Modak I/c H.O.D. B.E. Civil, M.E. (Appear)
9 Mr. A.S. Boke Lecturer B.E. Civil
10 Mr. R.M. Paraskar Lecturer B.E. Civil
11 Mr. H.P. Rathod I/c H.O.D. B.E. Entc, M.Tech. Appear
12 Mr. P.S. Pahurkar Lecturer B.E. Entc
13 Mr. P.R. Bhalerao Lecturer B.E. Entc
14 Ms. A.B. Rathod Lecturer B.E. Entc
15 Ms. N.V. Deshmukh Lecturer B.E. Entc
16 Ms. K.K. Dede Lecturer B.E. Entc
17 Mr. N.D. Thakare I/c H.O.D. B.E. MECH., M.E. (Appear)
18 Mr. S.D. Shingane Lecturer B.E. MECH.
19 Mr. S.S. Badge Lecturer B.E. MECH.
20 Mr. S.U. Hiwale Lecturer B.E. MECH.
21 Mr. G.R. Tarmale Lecturer B.E. MECH.
22 Mr. S.A. Dabhade Lecturer B.E. MECH.
23 Mr. A.K. Thakare Lecturer M.Sc. Chem, B.Ed.
24 Mr. G.R. Patil Lecturer M.Sc. Chem, B.Ed.
25 Ms. V.P. Kulkarni Lecturer M.Sc. Phy, B.Ed.
26 Ms. V.B. Chaudhari Lecturer M.A. (ENG.) B.Ed.
27 Mr. S.S. Deshpande Lecturer M.Sc. (Math), B.Ed.
28 Mr. I.U. Syed Lecturer M.Sc. (Math), B.Ed.
Sr. No. Name of Staff Designation Qualification
1 Mr. A.G. Bendale Clerk B.A., Typing Mar.40, Eng.50, Hin 30 W.P.M., MS-CIT
2 Mr. S.N. Sabale Clerk B.COM, GDC&A, DCM, MS-CIT
3 Mr. A.P. Kharate Clerk B.A., B.P.ED., Mar.30, Eng.40 W.P.M.
4 Mr. A.K. Sake Clerk M.Com, G.D.C& A., Mar.30, Eng.40 W.P.M.
5 Mr. V.N. Bonde Clerk B.Sc., Typing Eng 60, Mar 40, Hin 40, MS-CIT
6 Mr. M.B. Tayade Clerk B.A., Typing Mar.30, Eng.40 W.P.M., MS-CIT
7 Mr. N.D. Jadhao Librarian B.A. B.Ed., M. LIB
8 Mr. P.V. Dukare Lib. Attendant B.A., B.Lib.
9 Mr. S.G. Jadhao Programmer M.C.M.
10 Mr. S.A. Ghule Lab Assistant I.T.I. (Electronics)
11 Mr. S.R. Shaikh Lab Assistant I.T.I. (Electrical)
12 Mr. D.P. Jadhao W/s Instructor I.T.I. (Sheet Metal)
13 Mr. R.B. Raut W/s Instructor I.T.I. (Machinist)
14 Mr. R.S. Belkar W/s Instructor I.T.I. (Weilder)
15 Mr. D.S. Bhivsankar Peon S.S.C.
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